Grace, Sponsored by Monteverde

Cast members Tiffany Mualem and Hila Melamed discuss the play at the first read-through.


JustA’s first production this season is Grace, Sponsored by Monteverde, a new play by Vanessa Garcia.

Catherine has just divorced Sebastian, but her spirits are more fervent than ever. She begins traveling through the United States in an RV with her new lover and colleague, Lewis. But this isn’t a vacation… it’s work. Together they’re a twenty-first century Lewis and Clark — Lewis and Catherine — trying to uncover journalistic stories in each of the fifty states. In doing so, they hope to understand something within the bigger picture of America. Along the way, they pick up strays — a wayward nun named Rosalie who has just gone through deep loss, and a teenaged girl named Blake, who finds herself suddenly living in a mobile home with her mother, forced into home schooling. Catherine rummages through the layers of migration that make up this country, through the strata of her own life, her own inner demons, love, and loss (often expressed visually… she chats with ex-husband Sebastian, though Lewis can’t see him) – and it’s all sponsored by rum brand Monteverde.

In broad strokes, Grace… is largely a play about contemporary American culture and women within it. The fine strokes relate to one woman: a woman who is trying to grapple with turbulence by trying to understand others. A roundabout way of getting to selfhood, in all its humor, humility, embarrassment, and struggle.

We’re beginning with a staged reading, and then will move into a full six-week production of the play. Details for the reading below – hope to see you there.

Grace Reading Flyer